Image Quiz: Fragile, hyperextensible skin in a dog


Correct answer: Image Quiz: Fragile, hyperextensible skin in a dog, question 2

Results from a physical examination and skin biopsy and by using the skin extensibility index is correct!

Cutaneous asthenia is commonly diagnosed based on physical examination findings and histologic results of a skin biopsy. Using the skin extensibility index, which is a measurement of the degree of skin extensibility, together with physical and histologic and physical examination findings will generally suffice for a convincing diagnosis.3,9,10

Question 3: What is the next step for a definitive diagnosis?

a) Perform cytology

b) Perform biochemical studies on the dermal collagen biopsy or electron microscopy on the skin biopsy sample

c) Perform abdominal ultrasonography

d) Perform thoracic radiography


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