I Have a Headace

November 9, 2018

Date: January 20 - January 20, 2019


Speakers & Topics I Hate Dentistry -Veterinary Dentistry Headaches and Tips and Tricks to Fix ThemDiane CarleDVM, DAVDCDr. Carle will discuss some of the most frustrating aspects of veterinary dentistry and offer tips and tricks to deal with them. Topics will include broken roots, resorbing roots, the mandibular canine tooth, bleeding, deciduous teeth, and taking dental radiographs of the back teeth in small dogs. We will leave 10 minutes at the end of the lecture for you to ask questions about your dental frustrations, so come prepared with your favorite dental headaches. Brain and Spine Emergencies: Tips for the Busy PractitionerDaniel G. HicksDVM, MS, DACVIM (Neurology/Neurosurgery)Case based discussion regarding urgent and emergent veterinary neurologic disorders. Exam features and findings, postural recognition, initial treatment goals. Q and A regarding this and other neurologic headaches to follow. My Head Hurts Making Sense of the Ophthalmic ExaminationNathan KiceDVM, DACVOThe lecture will focus on approaching the ophthalmic examination in the face of difficult cases. It is often overwhelming to know where to start the workup when a patient has a painful or non-straightforward eye problem. The goals of the lecture are to strengthen the practitioners approach to eye disease and to use helpful tools to speed diagnosis. Head and Neck (and Some Other Pains in the Tush)Alexander Z. AguilaDVM, DACVSHead and neck cases with surgical implications might include topics such as sialocele, mandibular or maxillary fractures, upper respiratory surgeries (brachycephalic airway syndrome and laryngeal paralysis, for example), and any number of neoplastic diseases, involving the structures in the area (MLTOB, lymphoma, osteosarcoma, fibrosarcoma, ceruminous gland carcinoma, melanoma, lipoma, mast cell tumor, etc, ALL of which can be pains in the tush, given circumstances. We will try to cover as many of these topics as time will allow. Issues related to the eyes and the teeth will gladly be left for their respective specialists speaking to discuss.Event Schedule11:15am 12:00pmOn-Site RegistrationGet into the event early and beat the rush.12:00 12:50pmI Hate Dentistry Veterinary Dentistry Headaches and Tips and Tricks to Fix Themby Diane Carle, DVM, DAVDC1:00 1:50pm Brain and Spine Emergencies: Tips for the Busy Practitionerby Daniel G. Hicks, DVM, MS, DACVIM (Neurology/Neurosurgery)1:50 2:10pmBreakRefreshments provided.2:10 3:00pmMy Head Hurts Making Sense of the Ophthalmic Examinationby Nathan Kice, DVM, DACVO3:10 4:00pmHead and Neck (and Some Other Pains in the Tush)by Alexander Z. Aguila, DVM, DACVSPricing & Discounts $55/ person Veterinarian (Member)o Early-Bird pricing through 1/7/19. Member pricing is $75 after 1/7/19 $80/ person Veterinarian (Non-Member)o Early-Bird pricing through 1/7/19. Non-Member pricing is $100 after 1/7/19.**Limited technician spots. Please contact the WSVMA

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Event Address: Renton Technical College, Building C (Technology Resources Center) Room 101, Blenco Auditorium3000 NE 4th ST, Renton, WA, USA

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