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Adding a unique new offering to the veterinary industry, Epicur Pharma® is a manufacturer, producing drugs such as Tacrolimus Eyedrops, Buprenorphine Injection and Gabapentin tablets. Epicur, a division of Stokes Healthcare, is overseen by the FDA and is considered a 503B Registered Outsourcing Facility. Epicur follows Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) which are the same rules and regulations as the pharmaceutical companies. As an FDA registered facility, Epicur manufactures drugs with reliable potency and sterility from batch to batch. This reduces veterinary practice liability, improves patient outcomes, and allows veterinarians to fully trust in the medication they prescribe – every time. Unlike traditionally compounded drugs, Epicur products are available for unlimited hospital administration and dispensing when medically necessary. Epicur Pharma is proud to be a pioneer in animal drug standards, offering one of the largest selections of manufactured drugs that are traditionally compounded.

Be sure to request the Epicur brand of veterinary drug products to ensure you are getting the highest quality backed by FDA oversight. Epicur products are distributed directly to veterinary hospitals from its manufacturing facility and offered through Stokes Pharmacy for individual patient prescriptions.

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