How to take good Radiographs & Interpret them in Lame/Non-Lame Horses


Date: October 13 - October 14, 2017


This course comprehensively covers how to acquire and interpret radiographs of the front- and hindlimbs, hip, pelvis, neck and back in lame and non-lame horses. The two world renowned radiologists will systematically go through all anatomical regions. As part of the 9 hours of case-discussions and x-ray wetlabs on live horses attendees will get plenty of opportunities to further their radiography skills at the following stations: Acquiring good x-rays of the Foot, Pastern & Fetlock on live horses X-ray Technique of the Carpus & Elbow on live horses Acquiring good x-rays of the Tarsus & Stifle on live horses X-ray Technique for Shoulder & Neck on live horses Acquiring good x-rays of the Hip & Pelvis on live horses X-ray Technique for the Back on live horses Foot, Pastern & Fetlock Case-Discussions Carpus & Tarsus Case-Discussions Stifle Case-Discussions Elbow, Shoulder & Neck Case-Discussions Back, Hip & Pelvis Case-Discussions Pre-Purchase Case-Discussions

Event type: Course with Wetlabs

Event Address: Kendall Road Equine HospitalPO Box 560653, Chicago, Illinois, United States

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Sponsor: VetPD - Veterinary Professional Development

For More Information:Petra Pellew,VetPD - Veterinary Professional Development

PO Box 560653 ,Rockledge ,Florida ,32956 ,United States


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