How isolated should you be?


Experts are divided on how much separation is best for these infectious patients.

Where you place the isolation ward in your hospital is critical, yet even the experts don't seem to agree on the best place to put it. Should it be off of the treatment area? Or have its own exterior entry? What about building a dedicated building just for isolation?

We asked for advice from Veterinary Economics Editorial Advisory Board members Dr. Dennis Cloud; architect Heather Lewis, AIA, NCARB; Veterinary Economics Practice Management Editor Dr. Ross Clark; and architect Wayne Usiak, AIA. Check out the examples below, and click here to hear more.

>>> Drs. Dennis Cloud and Ross Clark suggest having an exterior entrance to keep disease from spreading through the hospital.


>>> Architect Heather Lewis feels it's important to have separation for these contagious and very sick pets, but high visibility is still crucial for monitoring.

>>> Architect Wayne Usiak feels strongly that isolation should be viewable from treatment, but that doesn't mean the door has to be in a high-circulation area.

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