How I got ripped and changed my life


We veterinarians work our mental muscles every day caring for patients. Now it's time to push your mind and body through a new challenge: you.

Five overnight shifts-or 75 hours, if we're counting-leaves barely enough time to eke out a yawn. But in my world, sunrise means closing the doors of my animal ER and opening other equally productive doors to complete my daily routine.

As a single mother of three (ahem, two children and a 9-month-old emergency hospital), my life consists of round-the-clock efforts to provide both for my family and my community. And to make the day even more action-packed, I'm fully committed to my personal fitness. We're not talking just any aerobic workout-I have an intense daily bodybuilding and weightlifting routine.

Learning to care for me

Earlier on in my veterinary career, I developed the typical quick-fix habit that centered on junk food, caffeine and the standard practice of working out my mental muscles while ignoring the importance of any true physical activity. In a way, it felt heroic, sacrificing my needs for the purpose of medicine and saving lives. After graduation and two babies, though, that sacrifice was showing in the mirror. I had become secretly ashamed of my body, felt exhausted from poor nutrition and lacked confidence and self-esteem. I found myself with a successful career and plenty of excuses to cut corners when it came to my physical health.

In 2010, I realized the irony of my spending countless hours looking over the perfect prescription plans for my patients while ignoring my own physical and emotional well-being. So, I committed to a lifestyle of clean eating and less down time, and I made the decision to comply with my own "medical" recommendations to care for myself the way I care for my patients.

My routine now includes fuel for my veterinary shift with at least seven meals and a gallon jug of water instead of caffeine and sugar. When my shift wraps, I head to the gym for a powerful hour-long workout, focusing on a single body part per session, per week. The hours in between? I write, enjoy moments with my Haflinger mare, plan lunch and quality time with the kiddos, and tend to house chores and grocery shopping. Off days are spent catching up on much-needed REM sleep, additional fitness training and maybe a massage.

Pushing mind and body

So why would I advocate pushing yourself to the point of toppling over with a loaded plate? Completing tasks that are productive and focusing on each moment of the day helps me keep my mind sharp. By pushing my own limits, I find that the once-huge life stresses and hurdles are minuscule hiccups in the day. No high-maintenance client can unravel my emotions-that's a simple stress compared to pushing aside fatigue to write articles, care for kids and staff, abide by my training routine, ignore tasty sugars and tempting quick-fix foods, and complete a difficult workout. Pushing this hard has resulted in being chosen as a Formulation 1 Nutrition sponsored athlete and having the confidence to open the doors of my own practice.

My personal mission is to look back and know that I gave life my best effort. I find satisfaction and contentment knowing I am influencing those around me to work hard. Fitness is not about the body's appearance, but the strength to push your mind and body through a challenge. It's a chance to discover how strong you really are.

My advice is to make every second count and squeeze a full schedule into a small compartment of time each day. Maximize time management and learn to be your own motivation and driver; be your own superhero. Push through the moments of the day as if they are your last and live limitless.

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Owner of the Animal ER of northwest Houston, Dr. Jennifer Hennessey has over 10 years' experience in emergency and critical care.

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