How to hire, train receptionists better


Essential advice on installing this key team member from a CVPM who's done it wrong and done it right.

A receptionist is much more than a warm body at the front desk-this staff member is often the prime interface between your clinic and the public. Whether they're greeting clients as they enter the practice, helping callers on the phone, or representing your business on social media channels, the receptionist functions as a living calling card. This is why Fetch dvm360 conference speaker Brian Conrad, CVMP, says not to screw up the hiring process by holding out for someone with previous veterinary field work on their resume.

"Over the years my attitude's completely changed. Now I'm looking for experience in customer-service-oriented businesses," he says.

Hiring a receptionist? Look here:

Check out this prescription for finding the perfect person.

Are you sure you're using the right lure to snag the ultimate applicant?

Already have a great team member lined up? Train them up withThe Veterinary Receptionist's Handbook.

Conrad points out that anyone can be trained on practice-specific details like software and vaccine protocols, but knowing how to treat customers is far less tangible and teachable. Watch the video to hear more.

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