Date: February 28 - February 28, 2015


ABOUT THE PRESENTER: Erik Fausak has been a veterinary technician for over a decade working in the specialty environments of anesthesia and critical care the whole time. During that decade, treatments and methodology have changed significantly. During his employ as a veterinary technician, he attended and graduated from Pratt Institute Library School to help prepare himself and others for the growing revolution of Evidence-Based Medicine and being able to find and evaluate articles. Erik Fausak is currently a member of the Evidence-Based Veterinary Medical Association and has spoken at the 2014 First International Evidence-Based Veterinary Medicine Conference and the2014 Evidence-Based Veterinary Medical Association Symposium. Erik is currently the consulting librarian for the AVECCT Nursing Guidelines Committee.ABOUT THE COURSE: This course is a primer for a field of growing importance in all medicine. Evidence-Based Veterinary Medicine isn't just about adopting the best intervention for disease, it is about understanding how information is being presented so the individual clinician can weigh it against his/her experience and the patient's needs. The veterinary technician can play a vital role in assisting the clinician in this process. The veterinary technician that learns how to find and evaluate literature is also in a position to making improvements in their own practice. This course is about how to find reliable information and how to evaluate the relative value of the most current knowledge in journals. After this course, the veterinary technician can help the veterinarian do research and find articles that may be of value to them in making a clinical decision.

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