How do I find an industrial washing machine for my veterinary design project?


Life in veterinary practice can is messy, and that mess leads to a lot of laundry. Here's one veterinary architect's recommendations on a commercial washer that will stand up to the needs of a clinic.

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Q: I'm shopping for industrial washing machines to use at our veterinary practice, but I'm having a hard time finding information on them. What do you suggest?

A: We most often look to Alliance Laundry Systems' Speed Queen or UniMac washers, because we've been told that, pricewise, anything under a 30lb capacity in a commercial washer doesn't make sense. UniMac's cabinet hardmount washer extractors (models UC) are good for small-to-medium-sized clinics. For larger spaces, the mid-performance commercial washer extractor (models UWT) is well-proven. One thing to keep in mind is that these typically all require special pads and drainage underneath them, and in certain jurisdictions, special permits are required for the larger units.

If you want to go vertical, UniMac makes a good stackable, and we've had several clients use the Dexter Express stack washer-dryer with success as well as Maytag's ML22 series commercial stack washer-dryer.

Alysia Kampf, AIA, is an associate at Animal Arts in Boulder, Colorado.

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