How Artificial Intelligence Can Enhance Client Loyalty


Many fear that client loyalty will decrease as the use of artificial intelligence increases in veterinary practices. In fact, the opposite is true.

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One of the primary aims of any veterinary practitioner is to win client loyalty by providing dedicated service and excellent care. The benefits of client loyalty include more business, client retention, and word-of-mouth recommendations.

Among the biggest factors influencing client behavior is the client experience. With continual improvements being made in artificial intelligence (AI), the client experience can be taken to a new level, beginning with the client’s very first engagement with your veterinary practice.

From influencing digital marketing on an extensive scale to mobile app development, AI and machine learning are set to become the most vital tools businesses can use to encourage client loyalty.

Here’s how AI can help serve the business goal of improving client loyalty in your practice.


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Predicting Client Behavior

With the help of AI and big data analysis, your practice can gain new insights into client behavior and anticipate how a client will think or act in a particular situation. With the help of machine learning, AI systems can collect and analyze data that will help predict various things, including:

  • Which clients are likely to respond to a particular offer
  • Which types of care and services clients will want to buy next
  • Clients’ preferred devices and channels to reach out to your practice

These examples illustrate how digital marketing will be transformed using AI, and how it can be employed to analyze data and guide and influence client decisions. The possibilities are increasing, and client engagement and client loyalty can be improved with AI tools in the near future.

Personalizing the Client Experience

AI solutions can enable you to adapt your practice website according to your clients’ needs, offering more personalized experiences and interactions, which drive engagement. With real-time machine learning technology, AI could evaluate a client’s thought process and behavior to help you understand his or her decisions and preferences, and then modify your promotion strategy according to the collected data.

Your practice will also be able to grasp the micromoments of consumers, display personalized ads, serve tailored content, offer relevant recommendations, and convert leads into sales. This kind of highly personalized client experience can eventually lead to stronger relationships between clients and your practice.

Reducing Communication Barriers

Until recently, most people were skeptical of how AI systems could establish better interactions with clients than actual humans could. But now we are seeing a surge in demand for chatbots for websites. Not only are chatbots more cost-effective and provide 24/7 accessibility to clients, many people actually enjoy communicating with them.

Machine learning is enabling chatbots to communicate more naturally and engage in meaningful conversations with clients just like a real marketing assistant would. Furthermore, people can interact with a business chatbot on Facebook Messenger, where they are able to guide conversations on a platform completely separate from the business website.

This is a key shift toward optimizing client experience by connecting multiple customer touchpoints.

In a competitive environment, many clients expect to receive 24/7 personalized services. Chatbots can meet these expectations—providing useful answers quickly and offering technical support. With machine learning, these AI assistants can evolve continually and provide better service, thereby promoting client loyalty.


As technology improves and new solutions emerge, new developments in AI will continue to shape client experience in the digital era. Practitioners are increasingly focusing their energy on optimizing client experience to the point where it actually promotes loyalty. With innovative AI solutions, your practice can reach out to more potential clients and serve existing clients more effectively.

Naren Arulrajah is president and CEO of Ekwa Marketing, a complete internet marketing company that focuses on SEO, social media, marketing education, and the online reputations of veterinarians/practice owners. With a team of 180+ full time marketers, helps practice owners who know where they want to go, get there by dominating their market and growing their business significantly year after year. If you have questions about marketing your practice online, call 855-598-3320 to speak one-on-one with Naren.

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