Holiday party hopes crushed?


Fewer fetes doesn't have to mean bad tidings, a new study says.

If your clinic cancelled its holiday party, you're not alone. According to a recent Battalia Winston Amrop survey, the number of holiday parties will reach a 20-year low this year. Only 80 percent of businesses surveyed by the executive search firm will hold a holiday celebration. In addition, 37 percent of companies say their party has been impacted by the economy-either cancelled or more modest-which is nearly double the number affected last year.

But this isn't all bad. While you might not be decking your practice's halls, you can still spread the holiday spirit throughout your community. In fact, that's what 74 percent of the companies surveyed plan to do by donating money, food, clothing, and gifts and volunteering. To get your team in the giving spirit, start by doing some research on protocols and preferences. For example, ask whether team members want to support a practice Angel fund or collect blankets for the local shelter.

If your practice is still holding a holiday party, you can still combine the festivity with charity. For example, 71 percent of companies that are holding an office party this year aren't offering alcoholic drinks, according to the Battalia Winston Amrop survey. Perhaps there's something you could cut from your party in an effort to gather funds for a charity.

And remember, even if you won't be making donations or partying with your co-workers this season, you can still show your appreciation for your team. A few sincere words about a job well done go a long way.

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