High Risk Anaesthesia

November 20, 2016

Date: January 30 - February 20, 2017


Are you confident when presented with a high risk case? Would you know how to manage a hypovolaemic, shocked cat after an RTA? Or a dog with a GDV? Anaesthesia of high risk patients is an area where we need to feel confident and competent, and clear protocols for dealing with these patients are also of great importance to ensure safety and consistency.This course will focus on anaesthesia of patients that are deemed to be a poor anaesthetic risk and will pay particular attention to conditions such as GDV, sepsis, shock and hypovolaemia. You will explore haemodynamic complications that occur and discuss ways in which these patients can be managed under anaesthesia in order to minimise such problems. This will include patient stabilisation prior to anaesthesia and methods used to monitor them perioperatively in order to recognise potential complications.The different types of shock will be considered, together with appropriate management.With the guidance of your tutor, you will then go on to formulate your own outline protocols for management of anaesthesia in high-risk patients that are tailored to the facilities in your clinic.The course is suitable for all levels - from inexperienced or student nurses who want to understand these areas a little better, to experienced nurses and vets, who want to brush up on their current knowledge. The flexibility of our courses means we can explore the topic at all levels and tailor the course to participants' needs. Whether you are in a 1st opinion practice, out-of-hours or large referral hospital, this course will be of use to you.All of our courses are 100% online, and run over a set period as a group. You can access the course lectures, guidelines and materials on our friendly learning platform at any time during the course, and complete work at your own pace.Courses are fully tutored and our discussion-based approach means that you can discuss topics with your peers and share problems and solutions, with the input, guidance and support of your tutor throughout. You will receive feedback on coursework, and all of our CPD is certified as formal/assessed distance learning.

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