Helping clients pay in difficult times (part 10)


Analysis of veterinary market data shows that pet owners need payment options

Team members understand the pinch their clients are in, perhaps better than anyone. They're well-educated about their pets' needs, and almost half say they can't afford to provide their own pets with appropriate care.

The team at Veterinary Economics recently met with its advisory board members to talk about trends in the profession. The difficult economy and the plight some clients are facing was a key topic of discussion. One possible solution: Work toward more incremental visits where you can. So rather than presenting the client with a plan that provides for all the pet's needs today, as you might have in the past, develop a plan to deliver all the care over the next six months, and spread out the costs.

At his keynote address during CVC Kansas City, Dr. Marty Becker raised some of the same issues. And he talked about his concern that higher fees and specialized medicine could put pet care out of reach for the average person. Clearly, Dr. Becker believes that veterinarians and their teams need to find a way to make the healing power of pets and the joy of the bond with them available to as many people as possible. And more frequent visits at a lower cost per visit could be part of the answer.


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What cat owners spend

How dog owners see their pets

What dog owners spend

The options practices provide

Practitioners recommending pet insurance

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Team training on pet insurance

Team members' care for their own pets


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