Help veterinary clients face a noisy Fourth

June 28, 2018
Brendan Howard, Business Channel Director

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Pet Anxiety Awareness Week kicks off right before a real fear-inducing holiday, Independence Day, with its fireworks, crowds and food hazards everywhere. Here are learning resources for your team and your veterinary clients.

Although he's probably very patriotic, this coonhound could do without the national anthem's "bombs bursting in air." Sound like some of your patients? (

We don't normally report on every new National Day and Week of Whatever, but it's right before the Fourth of July and fear of fireworks is no joke for pets.

So, here's the news: Kristen Levine Pet Living is marking the second annual Pet Anxiety Awareness Week, which kicked off this week. The website touts tips for pet owners to tackle pets' fear, anxiety and stress (“FAS” is a fave acronym right now).

Want veterinarian-facing resources for the Fourth of July? We've got you covered:

Team advice: Study up on these “4 Independence Day dangers for pets” and share with pet owners.

Client handout: Share “Pet scares in summer time” with your team and clients.

Team learning: Dive into the short summary “Canine noise aversion: The sound and the worry.”

Client handout: Explain what's causing fear of noises and what to do about it in What's that racket?! Help clients learn about noise aversion.”

Client recommendations: Check out these “Non-pharmaceutical products for noise aversion” and recommend what you like.

Client handout: Did a cat or dog spook and get out? Help clients with the handout “10 things to do if your pet is lost."

The next step? Want to learn to calm down pets and patients all year long? Consider Fear Free.

Here's to a good Pet Anxiety Awareness Week and a happy and healthy Fourth of July to you, your clients and your patients!