A Hard Time Getting Around?


Date: June 23 - June 24, 2018


Osteoarthritis - the cause of many mobility issues in geriatric patients, combined with physiologic changes from aging and oftentimes obesity, contributes to a vicious cycle of pain, inactivity, and declining quality of life. This course will equip you with the practical knowledge of the best multimodal approaches for successfully managing the geriatric, arthritic, and obese dog or cat in your veterinary practice. In addition to learning clinical strategies, the course will teach you how to implement those strategies and market to clients with pets suffering from these mobility-restricting conditions to jump start your business.Earn 11 or 15 CE hours in this comprehensive course. The A Hard Time Getting Around? course is a 1.5 day course offering 11 CE Hours. You may elect to add a half day intra-articular wet lab for an additional 4 CE Hours.Learn more here: http://www.litecureinfo.com/l/39022/2017-08-22/72j2np?_ga=2.61285548.1280863879.1505309084-73786493.1420731507

Detailed Course Description:

An Introduction to Rehabilitation Therapy for the Arthritic, Geriatric and/or Obese Pet- What is rehabilitation therapy and why is it important for this group of patients?- What are some simple/beginner approaches for these patient that may be used both in my practice and recommended/taught to owners to improve results and quality of life in managing these patients?- When should I refer these patients to a rehabilitation therapist and how do I find and work with one in my area or receive further training myself? Nutritional Management for the Geriatric Dog or Cat- Digestive/metabolic changes in geriatric pet & obese pets- Managing the obese dog & cat and achieving weight loss- The scoop on joint/mobility and diets- How to discuss nutrition with pet owners- When/how to consult with a nutritionistNutriceutical Use for the Geriatric, Arthritic Pet- How to evaluate nutriceuticals/science behind various supplements- Top supplements for osteoarthritis & when to recommend- How to discuss nutriceuticals with pet owners Pharmacologic Management of OA- Latest in medications used for pain management in OA- when to use, when not to use, contraindications, and cautionsPhotobiomodulation (Laser Therapy) for OA- The science behind photobiomodulation- Maximizing results in the arthritic pet Surgical Management & Regenerative Medicine Options for Arthritic Pets- Refresher on various common orthopedic procedures done for arthritic pets- Intro to regenerative medical options - PRP and stem cell therapy for OA Business & Marketing Strategies - Integrating, pricing, and marketing new technologies/services for managing the arthritic geriatric petOptional Day 2 Add-On Lecture & Wet Lab: Intra-articular Injections Wet Lab & CRT system processing - Practitioners will become comfortable doing IA injections in dog cadavers- Practitioners will learn how to use a commercially available regenerative medicine system (CRT) for processing of PRP & BMC stem cells

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