Got a patient with atopy? Three options you may want to give a shot


Help those itchy veterinary patients with these immunotherapy options.

There's a variety of options out there when it comes to treating itchy pets-shampoos, ointments and pills-oh my! But what about your veterinary clients who opt for the desensitization option of allergen-specific immunotherapy? Check out these three options you can try with your veterinary patients.

Allercept Therapy Shots

Allergy Treatment Shots from Heska are indicated as an aid in alleviating clinical signs associated with allergic disease in dogs, cats and horses. Subcutaneous immunotherapy is successful in 60–80% of patients, and it doesn't have the potential of the side effects and complications commonly associated with continuous, long-term corticosteroid treatment. The precise testing virtually eliminates exposure to (and expense of) unnecessary allergens.

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Allercept Therapy Drops

Heska's Allercept Therapy Drops are one component in its allergy assessment and treatment program. The drops are a palatable solution delivered in tiny amounts under the dog's tongue. The drops were formulated with proprietary technology and developed through years of trials. They have been found effective in treating pets that failed to respond to allergy shots and can be used on dogs that had prior anaphylactic reactions to allergy shots.

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GREER Aller-g-complete allergen diagnostic tool and treatment

The Aller-g-detect Allergen Preliminary Panel is a simple serum test that detects the presence of allergen-specific IgE antibodies for four common allergen groups. IDEXX also offers sublingual immunotherapy with GREER Aller-g-complete Drops to give patients and clients an alternative to injection therapy.

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