Fracture Repair in Toy Breed Dogs and Cats


Date: December 04 - December 05, 2014


Course Description: Toy breed dogs and cats can have similar orthopedic injuries to large dogs, but they also have injuries that are specific to them. The smaller patient size often requires special consideration when planning and implementing repair of fractures or joint disorders. Examples include distal radius and ulna fractures, shoulder luxation, femoral head and neck fractures, elbow dislocation and fractures, stifle problems and fractures of the metacarpals and metatarsals. This course will use plastic bones to teach methods of fracture stabilization and joint repair, but cadaver exercises will also be used to show you how to perform the perfect surgical approach, tips on successful fracture reduction and repair of simple and challenging comminuted fractures using simple and reliable techniques. In addition, postoperative radiographs will be taken to assess the participant's repair technique, a powerful and important learning tool. Participants will have the opportunity to repair fractures and joint problems using traditional plates, locking plates, lag screws, pin and tension band and headless compression screws. Participants will use also use the latest technology- micro locking plates – to repair fractures of very small bones in these small patients. The implant systems used in this course are easy to use, great for the general practitioner and affordable. Postoperative management will also be discussed. This course is appropriate for specialists, residents, interns and general practitioners with an interest in improving their orthopedic knowledge and skills.

Course Lead: Brian Beale, DVM, DACVS

Course Instructor: Don Hulse, DVM, DACVS, DECVS

CE Hours: 16

Cost: $1400.00

Event type: Hands On Lab

Event Address: Oquendo Cneter

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Sponsor: Western Veterinary Conference

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