Flexible & Rigid Endoscopy

September 8, 2017

Date: September 21 - September 24, 2017


This course combines the Flexible GI Endoscopy workshop and the Rigid Endoscopy workshop to create a full 4 day lecture and hands-on lab covering the following areas: Basic Flexible Endoscopy- Introduction to endoscopy including indications, endoscopic instrumentation, techniques for examining the upper and lower GI tract, plus a 7-hour wet lab to provide hands-on experience in both upper and lower endoscopy. Intermediate Flexible Endoscopy- One day course (lecture, demonstration, & laboratory session) on intermediate endoscopy techniques including canine airway exam, additional experience in gastrointestinal examination, and foreign body retrieval and biopsies. This lab will also include gastrointestinal examination of cats. Rigid Endoscopy- One day course (lecture, demonstration & laboratory session) on rigid endoscopy including laparoscopy, rhinoscopy, video-otoscopy, and urethroscopy/cystoscopy. Participants will perform liver and pancreas biopsies using laparoscopic visualization.MEALS ComplimentaryLunch provided on full-day courses.Dinners to go Weve found that at the end of a long course day participants are looking forward to returning to their hotel to relax. We realize that our preferred lodging partner doesnt have a restaurant on site or located close to the hotel. To help make things easier for you we will provide a hot meal, at the end of each full course day, with to go containers so you can bring it back to the hotel with you. On the last day of the course we will provide something a little easier to transport for those heading to the airport. This will not apply to those courses that end midafternoon only those that end at noon or 5:00PM.For information on what to expect upon arrival at the Oquendo Center, please click here.

Event type: Hands-on Lab

Event Address: Oquendo Center

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