The flea control toolkit


This toolkit delivers articles, tips, handouts, videos and tools all designed to make it as easy as possible to discuss flea control with your team and clients. (With an educational grant provided by Merck)

Is it just us or does it feel like fleas are everywhere? You and your veterinary team know it's crucial for pet owners to curb fleas year-round, so pets have nary a chance of infestation. But with this toolkit, we'll show you a striking visual representation of why-not to mention, how to get your recommendations and communication efforts in tip-top shape. (And you can click the cover image to download a PDF of this toolkit now!)

Your flea control tools

Expert insights ...

> Fleas, fleas, everywhere and not a drop of preventive in sight by Dr. Allison Kirby

> Essential oils for fleas and ticks? Not so fast, says veterinary toxicologist Dr. Tina Wismer

> Can you catch the signs of flea allergy dermatitis

Communication station ...

> Topical, pill or chewable? Pet owners weigh in on preventives 

> Leap over clients' flea control barriers

> Handout: How to make fleas a fleeting memory for clients

> Don't use your dog's flea medication on your cat! A client handout


Better business ...

> Online pharmacies: Catch more clients with honey, not vinegar

> Social media: What's in and what's way, way out (plus, a special spotlight on how to put the fear of fleas in your clients with some savvy video)

> Streamline your flea product offerings and win back sales

> Seize more fleas with these communication tips.


Finally ... feeling burned out on fleas? You talk about them all the time, and it can feel like there's nothing new to say. Try this round-up of quick tips to rekindle the fire once again


More flea control tools 

Expert insights ...

> A data-driven look at flea controlfrom parasitologist Byron Blagburn, PhD

> Putting the preventive into flea allergy dermatitis, by Allison Kirby, DVM, DACVD

It's a marathon, not a sprint! Don't give up on selling parasite prevention products, says Bash Halow, CVPM, LVT

More data on fleas ...

Flea counts: We asked 372 veterinarians and team members about how they stock flea control products in their practices and make them available to pet owners

> What motivates clients to provide flea control? 

Communication station ...

> When expectation doesn't meet reality: Why client communication is an essential part of the prevention cycle

> Fleas got clients hopping mad? (Or, what this practice manager does when a flea preventive 'doesn't work')

> What peanut allergies have to do with fleas (Hint: More than you'd think!)


Info for clients ...

Where fleas REALLY live

> A pet's history in black and white-why flea control history and a complete dermatologic history are important

Why flea preventives are just worth it! 

> Filling in the knowledge gaps: What clients need to know about fleas


Finally ... feeling burned out on fleas? You talk about them all the time, and it can feel like there's nothing new to say. Try this round-up of quick tips to rekindle the fire once again


Expert insight ...

> Death to the devil's jumping beans! Tips from Dr. Michael Dryden and Dr. Sarah Wooten

> Make time to talk to pet owners about parasites-from Firstline

> Selling isn't sleazy (when it comes to parasite control)-it's a standard of care! More tips from Dr. Flea

> From Dwight Bowman, MS, PhD: The frustrating and sordid history of the Great Flea War

> Flea-associated illnesses in cats, by Michael R. Lappin, DVM, PhD, DACVIM


Fun, interactive stuff ...

> The fast-paced life of fleas

> Roll your eyes: The "indoor-only" cat has fleas

> Leap over clients' flea control barriers

> Video: Educate clients about parasites with CAPC

Handouts and great ideas ...

> Client handout: Understanding cat scratch disease

> Helping clients get a handle on hot spots

> Client handout: If you've been infested

> Do fleas fall from your ceiling? Maybe they should!!

> Sample script: Natural flea repellants

> From Dr. Michael Dryden: Focus on residual activity: Case study data reveal a clearer flea control picture

> I rocked my hospital's preventive inventory-tips from a Veterinary Economics' Practice Manager of the Year nominee

> And from CVC-speaker Karen Felsted, DVM, MS, DVPM, information on how to choose a team approach to parasite problems


Video and audio resources

> Fleas are hiding in your clients' homes ... they just don't know where to look. Dr. Michael Dryden gives you tips on how to explain flea hideouts to pet owners.

> Expert parasitologist Dr. Andrew Moorhead with an industry update on flea and tick preventives.

> The harsh reality of fleas-the tricky conversation you have to have with pet owners to help them understand the flea life cycle.

> Wild ones to watch for: Here Dr. Michael Dryden shares which wild creatures are a threat to the pets in your clients' backyards.

Social media tools

> Use these pleas to stop fleas-and bring your preventive message to social media

Client handouts

> Tell your pet owners not to panic and follow these tips to handle a dreaded flea infestation.

> Don't let clients jump to conclusions when it comes to fleas. Give them this handout to clear up any confusion.


Tools for the team

Make sure your communication about flea prevention is crystal clear.

> Use this handout to make sure you collect a thorough flea control history from veterinary clients.

> Do your clients think they know it all when it comes to fleas? Use this guide at your next team meeting to find areas where you might be able to better educate pet owners about fleas.

How to better understand fleas

> Use this data from CAPC to decide if there's a communication gap in your practice when it comes to fleas.


And here are EVEN MORE flea control tools

> Communication key for optimal flea control

> Understanding the flea life cycle

> Make time to talk to pet owners about parasites

> 3 tips to talk about natural products with pet owners

> Start the conversation with show-and-tell

The dvm360 social media marketing kit

Use these pre-written Facebook posts and tweets to educate your clients about the need for flea control. (That's right. It's social media outreach made easy!)

CVC highlights: Sound bites

Listen to expert advice on controlling fleas on your pet and in your house.

> Wild ones to watch for

> Flea hideouts in the house

> The harsh reality: Where did that flea come from?

Video corner

Watch a breakdown of the top five facts about flea allergy dermatitis-and share it on your practice's website.

> 5 facts about fleas and pets' skin

Ready-to-use handouts

Take advantage of these handouts to reinforce your message to clients about the importance of flea control.

> Managing a flea infestation

> Why your home is a flea magnet

> 5 facts about flea allergy dermatitis

> Parasite prevention and your indoor cat

> Top 10 flea myths

Articles and tips

> Winning the flea control battle

> 3 ways to compete with pet stores for flea-and-tick products

> Is it flea resistance--or something else?

> Use a flea comb to catch clients' attention

Video clip

> Why parasite control really matters

Sample script

> Pitching preventives

Take the next step

Use these five strategies to keep your team's enthusiasm for flea prevention high.

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