First ever green and violet laser


Erchonia introduces a new laser for the veterinary market

GVL by Erchonia

GVL by Erchonia

Erchonia created the first green and violet laser (GVL) for the veterinary market. The GVL works to improve outcomes with non-healing wounds, chronic infections, pain and inflammation, postoperative healing, bone healing, anxiety, neurological trauma, and more. With 27 years of experience in the human medicine market, Erchonia designed this laser to have more power and energy.

“My clinical outcomes have improved significantly since adding the green and violet wavelengths to my protocols” Rachel Starr, DVM, a practicing veterinarian in Traverse City, Michigan told Erchonia. Starr will be speaking at our upcoming Fetch dvm360 conference in Nashville, Tennessee on decoding the physics and classification system in veterinary therapy to give veterinary professionals more clarity on these devices.

The GVL utilizes complexes I, II, & III of the electron transport chain, leading to enhanced clinical outcomes. This laser has a notable increase in energy output compared to infrared lasers, which can significantly elevate your clinical effectiveness and yield outstanding results for patients with various conditions.

Photo courtesy of Erchonia.

Photo courtesy of Erchonia.

“I have seen a significant difference in my veterinary patients since adding the VGL into my laser protocol. Their pain seems reduced, they relax more during treatment, and overall healing seems to be enhanced. It is certainly a game changer! I love the violet combined with the green, making it a truly versatile and extremely effective treatment tool,” Janet Varhus, DVM, MSTCVM, a practicing veterinarian in Salida, Colorado told Erchonia.

According to Erchonia, the GVL was put through rigorous clinical research and engineering and was shown to be the most effective wavelength combination for the increase of ROM and decrease in pain in a single session. This is currently the first and only green wavelength laser FDA cleared for pain and inflammation.1

Erchonia will be at Fetch Nashville and more information and details about the GVL will be available from the representatives of Erchonia at their booth in the exhibit hall. Register now before it’s too late!


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