Fine tuning first impressions (Proceedings)


What message does your facility send to your clients?

What message does your facility send to your clients? We will walk through the 5 senses and what we can do to improve our client's first impressions.


How easy is your practice to locate? What does your signage look like?

What about the surroundings- what do your "neighbors" look like?

Landscaping- remember the seasons?- remember most of your clients are female

Paint refreshers- professional décor- is the atmosphere inviting?

Does the practice fit the theme- interior and exterior?


Obviously- maintaining pet odors is key but we also don't want the overwhelming disinfectant smell either- remember your theme- can you have that fit with the environment?

Inviting smells to both two and four legged members-remember we become "immune" to the smell.


A colleague of mine remarked how different a cat only clinic was since there basically was no noise. What about background music or other forms of noise- is the atmosphere inviting, relaxing, stressful- remember the purpose is for our clients NOT the employees.

Watch your conversations especially as employees- I know that socializing is part of work but remember clients can hear you.


Although sometimes overlooked because of the importance of ease of cleaning and sanitation- there can be many things done to improve the tactile environment of our practices- whether it be offering furnishings with more homelike feel and soft extras for a patients.


For the four-legged ones- offering tempting and healthy treats or snacks is a plus. Don't forget about the importance of medications- being able to make "pilling" easier whether through the use of flavorings, etc.- no one likes to "force" medication to their pets.

For the two-legged ones- especially when they need to wait- providing them with refreshments or partnering with a nearby coffee chain should be considered. Again- watch the theme/image of the practice- I would expect high end treats in a more sophisticated setting while homebaked goodies fit in the country style environment.

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