Feline Dental Extractions for the General Practitioner

September 22, 2016

Date: January 28 - January 28, 2017


Designed and taught at a DVM level, this course will focus on identifying indications and appropriate technique for surgical extractions in cats. A whole-patient approach will start by emphasizing findings noted during a conscious oral exam. Radiographic evidence supporting reasons to extract will be shown before discussing and practicing regional anesthesia and surgical extraction techniques. Tips and tricks to help avoid complications will be emphasized. To allow a more personalized experience, a limit of 30 participants will be allowed into this workshop.

Event type: Continuing Education Seminar

Event Address: UW School of Veterinary Medicine2015 Linden Drive, Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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Sponsor: University of Wisconsin, School of Veterinary Medicine

For More Information:Karl Olson,UW SVM CE Program

2015 Linden Drive ,Madison ,Wisconsin ,53706 ,USA

608-265-5206, karl.olson@wisc.edu, https://apps.vetmed.wisc.edu/cereg/