Fear Free launches equine certification program

dvm360 Staff

The program offers veterinary professionals invaluable knowledge for enhancing the physical and emotional well-being of their equine patients.

Fear Free, LLC—a platform that provides animal health professionals and pet lovers with knowledge and tools to improve the physical and emotional well-being of animals—announced it will be offering the Fear Free Veterinary Certification Program- Equine, designed to educate veterinary professionals about the benefits of using Fear Free concepts during barn and hospital visits.

"As a veterinarian who shares my life and home with horses, I know how important it is to address both their emotional and physical needs," says Marty Becker, DVM, Fear Free founder and CEO, in this organizational release. "A Fear Free approach to equine care will improve the lives of equine practitioners, caregivers, riders, and above all, horses."

The program encompasses 8 one-hour modules that were written and reviewed by leading equine medicine experts covering Fear Free concepts. Video clips and slides demonstrate how to safely examine equine patients using gentle techniques, performing non-threatening routine procedures, identifying signs of stress, hoof care, and beyond.

Additionally, the program provides equine veterinarians tips and tricks for helping owners train their horses to cooperate during medical care.

All professionals who complete this course will receive a total of 8 RACE-approved CE hours and gain invaluable insight on how to stop and ease fear, anxiety, and stress in their equine patients through education and inspiration.

To learn more about Fear Free and to sign up for the Fear Free Certification Program-Equine, go here.