Family tries urine trail to guide dog home


Not exactly the yellow brick road.

It's no surprise when people go to great lengths to find a missing pet. As veritable family members, lost pets merit the investment of untold man hours searching and occasionally command large rewards upon return. But if you think you've heard it all, just consider the, umm, creative way one British family recently went about hunting for their wayward Labrador retriever, Simon.

BBC News reports that the Baltesz family, in addition to more conventional methods such as hanging "missing" posters, recently attempted to lure their missing pooch home with a scent trail of their own creation. They left a track of their own urine pointing the way. Though the solution was reportedly "very, very diluted," some locals--including members of the Bristol City Council--are none too pleased at the idea.

Louise Baltesz says she understands that neighbors are upset and she's concerned but "too emotionally drained to think about it." Apparently emotion is not all she's drained of. Baltesz, whose entire family is contributing their toil, tears, and sweat (and urine) to the recovery effort, says she learned of the idea from--where else--the Internet. An area veterinarian didn't rule out success for this method but added that he would be pleasantly surprised if it worked.

Reportedly there have been several Simon sightings but the dog is still at large.

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