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Minneapolis, Minn. - With the launch of FastPanelTM, publicly traded Fair Isaac enters the animal health market.

MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. — With the launch of FastPanel™, publicly traded Fair Isaac enters the animal health market.

Dr. Eric Engelhard, director of the company's bioanalytics group, explains that the company has developed ground-breaking diagnostic panels available through reference laboratories to detect dozens of pathogens or parasites.

The first panel is FastPanel's Feline Respiratory Panel to assay for feline calicivirus, feline herpesvirus, Bordetella bronchiseptica and Chlamydophilia felis. Kits are supplied to users with barcode label and sterile swab. The ocular or oral sample is taken, the swab's tip pops off into a sealed container and is sent via mail. The sample is recovered, processed in the laboratory and the results are sent back to the veterinarian for interpretation.

The tests are based on polymerase chain reaction technology and offer an earlier window to detect stages of infection.

Engelhard says the panel uses advanced pattern recognition technology to rapidly discover optimal content for parallel detection of viruses, bacteria and eukaryotic parasites. "Pathogens are a continuously evolving target," Engelhard says. Another advantage of this system is that the analysis of the panel can recognize change in a pathogen. If it is flagged for sequencing, the panel can be remodeled, he explains.

The panel was slated for release in early October.

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