Eyes on the future


Exclusive data points to how veterinary practice has changedand predicts what's in store for the future for the veterinary team.

The dvm360 Future of Veterinary Medicine survey was our way of asking pointed questions to veterinarians, practice managers and team members about the future of veterinary practices. What we got back was definitely not weird, wacky predictions or boring, hum-drum, same old, same old. You're welcome to use this data to take over the world (or, you know, your practice.)

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Up next: 4 statements about the future of pet ownership. What does it look like?



Feeling inspired to look into where those expert opinions lie?

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Next up: What forces of change will drive the most change in the profession in the next five to 10 years?


Next up: Tech vs. nurse: What's in store for the future?




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