An exasperated DVM was tired of clients' non-compliance-so he fixed it


It's not about the money for Dr. John Talmadge. (What veterinary hospitals makes its money on retail items?) It's about closing the gap between a client's pet issue and the product to fix it.

Here's how it works:

Client: “I have this problem at home.”

Doctor: “I recommend Product X to alleviate that problem, which could become medically serious or lead you to relinquish your beloved pet.”

Client: “That sounds great! Where can I buy it?”

Doctor: “Not here."


Doctor: “How is that problem?”

Client: “It's worse."

Doctor: “Did you buy Product X?”

Client A: “I forgot.”


Client B: “Oh, shoot! I bought the wrong one!"


Client C: “It didn't work right. How was I supposed to use it again?"

That frustrates Dr. John Talmadge. Watch the video below to see how retail helped him improve every behavior and nutrition recommendation he makes at Bigger Road Veterinary Center. Also, watch him explain how the retail area makes exam easier and why he decided to offer it. 

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