Eukanuba donates to Canine Companions' New Canine Health & Wellness Center


In light of National Service Dog Month, Eukanuba and Canine Companions are partnering to further promote the health and nutrition of these dogs as they prepare for their service dog duties

Eukanuba, a company specializing in premium performance nutrition for sporting, working and service dogs, has donated $50,000 to long-time partner Canine Companions as it builds its Nelson Schulz Canine Health & Wellness Center, an expansion of the Jean and Charles Schulz Campus.

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"We are proud to continue our partnership with Canine Companions to play an important role in fueling these service dogs during such an important stage of growth," expressed Brad Wadler, Vice President of Eukanuba, in a company release.1 "The meaningful impact these dogs have on the lives of their partners is life-changing and we're excited to continue our support at the new Canine Health & Wellness Center."

In June 2022, Canine Companions broke ground at the Santa Rosa site, and the wellness center is planned for completion in 2023. Canine Companions will extend their ability to develop, train and match more service dogs with people with disabilities nationwide through the center. Canine Companions aims to increase its capacity by 50% in coming years and Eukanuba will serve as a key player in each dogs' development.1 What’s more, the 32,000-square-foot center will house a veterinary hospital, research facility, and expansion space for volunteering, dog socialization, and enrichment.

"Eukanuba has been a longtime trusted partner and their generosity will support these dogs through every meal," added Paige Mazzoni, CEO of Canine Companions, in the release. "We want nothing but the best for our dogs as they set out on their training and Eukanuba is certainly a critical resource as they continue to grow into service dogs."

With the Eukanuba Nutrition Room, Eukanuba will further serve as the exclusive pet food partner of Canine Companions. Eukanuba's unique formulas promote the specific physical and mental performance standards of service dogs, supporting each animal through the exercise and decision-making for successful daily performance.


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