Equine Pre-Purchase Examination


Date: December 12 - December 12, 2014



Course Description:   This 1 day course focuses on the clinical and radiographic examinations during the purchase examination of the horse. Pre-purchase examinations are often requested by a potential buyer of a horse. The objective is to reduce the buyer's risks in relationship to the general health and athletic soundness of the horse for sale. The examination is often centered around the central question of “will this horse do its intended job and hold up”. Pre-existing injury, defect in endochondral ossification or degenerative changes are often seen when obtaining a series of radiographs. The most common areas examined are the feet, fetlocks, hocks and stifles. It is here that abnormalities may be encountered. These often pose some uncertainty for the future athletic pursuant of the horse also may pose legal implications. The goal this course is to present selected abnormalities encountered during the physical and moving exams, radiographic examination, common mistakes in radiographic techniques and approaches to interpretation. A review of 706 pre-purchase examinations will be presented with special focus on the clinical/moving examination and analysis and outcome of these pre-purchase examinations. Potential legal implications and purchase form standardization will be discussed. During the 1 day course, participants are also encouraged to submit or bring DICOM or screen film pre-purchase radiographs to be reviewed by the instructors verbally or privately in written form with suggestions on improvement.


Course Instructor: Lead: Kent Allen, DVM, ISELP Certified Instructor Instructor: Kurt Selberg, DVM, MS, DACVR

CE Hours: 8

Cost: $500.00

Event type: Hands On Lab

Event Address: Oquendo Center

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Sponsor: Western Veterinary Conference

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