Equine Emergency & Critical Care of the Horse for Advanced Practitioners

December 9, 2018

Date: February 08 - February 09, 2019


This 2-day practical course was designed for equine practitioners and veterinary technicians with a good working knowledge in the field of equine emergency and critical care. The world-renowned specialists will report on new developments and share invaluable tips and tricks on how to efficiently diagnose and treat critically ill patients in a private clinic setting. Each of the following hot topics will be addressed via well-illustrated, interactive case-discussions providing a platform for the panel to also share pitfalls and erroneous clinical conclusions:Fluid Therapy & ResuscitationMonitoring the Critically ill HorseNew NSAIDsInexpensive Strategies for Complicated ColicsIts not Endotoxemia its SIRS Why Anti-Endotoxic Therapies dont workHow to Incorporate an ICU into your HospitalStrategies for Septic Synovial Structures & Massive WoundsUpper & Lower Airway EmergenciesUltrasound of Emergency Cases, incl. FLASH ExamDealing with the Acute Neurologic CaseBlood Transfusion Donor Selection, Collection & AdministrationZebras not Horses Our Most Bizarre Cases

Event Address: Peterson & Smith Equine Hospital 4747 Southwest 60th Avenue, Ocala, Florida, United States

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