Equine Advanced Imaging & Lameness for Practitioners - A 2-Day Practical Course


Date: November 09 - November 10, 2018


This course was devised for equine practitioners who want to expand their knowledge in the field of lameness diagnostics and who want to learn which advanced imaging modalities (MRI, CT & nuclear scintigraphy) are appropriate for what types of cases. The course will be started with introductory lectures summarizing the principles, usefulness and limitations of scintigraphy, CT and MRI, followed by case-based discussions covering lameness investigation techniques, advanced imaging and therapeutic strategies covering the following musculoskeletal regions: Distal frontlimb, proximal frontlimb, hindlimb and neck, back & pelvis.The speaker panel consisting of 3 of the most highly respected and experienced equine lameness specialists and imagers worldwide will be presenting cases to the attendees who will be able to work through the diagnostics, imaging and therapy. Attendees are encouraged to also present own undiagnosed or challenging cases to the speakers and their peers. Open and frank discussions will be encouraged with speakers sharing common diagnostic pitfalls, erroneous image interpretations, clinical failures, practical tips and pearls of wisdom with the attendees.

Event type: Course

Event Address: Innova Partners193 Coy Road, Weatherford, Texas, USA

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Sponsor: VetPD - Veterinary Professional Development

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