Episode 77: Tools for predicting underlying and future dental disease


In this episode of The Vet Blast Podcast, Dr Adam Christman interviews Kash Kuruppu, DVM, about how the oral microbiome is quickly becoming an important marker in the early detection of dental disease.

Kash Kuruppu, DVM and chief veterinary officer at Basepaws, goes into detail about the company's oral microbiome testing and how it can help veterinary professionals detect dental disease earlier.

"Currently we're able to look at the oral microbiome and detect tooth resorption risk, halitosis risk, as well as periodontal disease. So as vets, we already know that if we're seeing tooth resorption or any dental disease in really early stages, there's likely a genetic component."

Kuruppu added that early detection is just the first step. Basepaws plans to take the data it is accumulating and apply it to actionable reccomendations for clinicans and pet parents.

"Now what we're actually thinking about is how do we affect change? How do we actually do something if we know the risk? It's one thing to know that you're predisposed...Great, but what do I do? And that's where veterinarians really want to know, 'Okay, what can I recommend? What kind of interventions should I be recommending and implementing?' And pet parents want to know this as well. So that's kind of the next step, not just for Basepaws, but the industry as a whole," said Kuruppu

Listen to the full podcast below for more.

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