Endodontics 1 | 3-Day RACE Accredited Series

September 10, 2019

Date: August 14 - August 16, 2020


For beginner and intermediate levels; This program examines the indications, instrumentation, materials, and techniques for vital pulpectomies, and root canal therapy for single and multi-rooted teeth.

For nearly 20 years the Animal Dental Training Center (ADTC) has offered year-round continuing education programs in Oral Surgery & Dentistry. These comprehensive multi-level courses are specifically designed for general veterinary practitioners and veterinary technicians seeking to grow Oral Surgery & Dentistry within their practices.

EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE that only an immediate practical application, highly individualized teaching, and expert critique can make in your learning and professional growth.



Course Title: Endodontics 1 | 3-Day Series

Instructors: Dr. Ira Luskin Dipl. AVDC/EVDC ■ Dr. Mary Volker Dipl. AVDC ■ Dr. Jason Hutt, DVM ■ Dr. Inshil Kim, DVM ■ Dr. Monica Morgado, DVM ■ Dr. Colin Adley, DVM

Credits Earned: 24 RACE + NYSED APPROVED veterinary continuing education credits



** PLEASE NOTE: Clinical proficiency in Oral Radiology is a pre-requisite for this course and a demonstrated technique and ability will be required throughout this program **

Day 1: There will be 3 hours of lecture followed by a 5-hour laboratory on indications, equipment, and techniques of vital pulp therapy. Day 2-3: 3 hours of lecture followed by 5 hours of laboratory each day detailing indications, equipment, and techniques for single and multi-rooted teeth root canal therapy. 24 hours total. Notes for the lecture and lab will be provided. The Endodontics 1 program will cover the following topics for a Veterinarian audience only:

  • Indication for Vital Pulpectomies

  • Techniques and procedures for their successful implementation

  • Indications for Root Canal Therapy

  • Equipment and materials required for root canal therapy

  • Root canal access

  • Preparation and obturation techniques

  • Restorative materials and their usages

Event type: Continuing Education / Wet-Lab / Lecture

Event Address: Animal Dental Training Center7611 Philadelphia Rd., Baltimore, Maryland, United States

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