Emergency Surgical Techniques & Emergency Care Tips


Date: November 06 - November 07, 2015


This 2 day course will emphasize a hands-on "how to perform" approach to some of the common and less common emergency procedures that may prove life-saving to your patients. In short lecture style format, specific resuscitation and operative techniques will be discussed using a case-based approach that will include clinical presentation and clinical signs, initial resuscitation, indications for performing more invasive procedures, and a detailed description of how to perform specific techniques. Following lecture introduction, registrants will proceed immediately to the surgical laboratory to perform each procedure.What You Will LearnAt the conclusion of the course the registrant will have confidence in performing jugular vein cut-down for catheter access, thoracocentesis, abdominocentesis, traditional thoracostomy tube placement, low-profile thoracostomy tube placement, tracheostomy tube placement, splenectomy, and gastropexy.Active drainage of the abdomen will be discussed and drain placement performed during the abdominal laboratory.

Event type: Hands-on labs

Event Address: Oquendo Center2425 E. Oquendo Rd., Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

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For More Information:Janis Knoetzel,WVC

2425 E. Oquendo Rd. ,Las Vegas ,Nevada ,89120 ,USA

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