Election 2010: Veterinarian Kurt Schrader remains in tight race for U.S. House


Veterinarin Kurt Schrader?s (D-Ore.) re-election bid is just too close to call according to the Congressional Quarterly.

Portland, Ore.

— He picked up the endorsement by the Oregonian, but veterinarian Kurt Schrader’s (D-Ore.) re-election bid is just too close to call according to the

Congressional Quarterly


The first-term democratic Congressman was swept into office to represent Oregon’s 5th District, and according to some political polls his lead has gradually dwindled as the Republicans hope to make key wins this election.

According to Congressional Quarterly, the race against Republican challenger Scott Bruun, who currently serves in the Oregon House, is a toss up. In a Survey USA poll, Bruun leads, but Schrader takes the election according to an Elway Poll. And in a most recent poll by the Oregonian, Schrader is leading the race with 50 percent of the voters compared to 38 percent for Bruun, 11 percent still undecided and 2 percent to challenger Chris Lugo.

Oregon, however, has traditionally favored democratic candidates. In fact, only one out of six elected officials in the U.S. House and Senate are Republican.

In the most recent debates, Schrader defended his positions on both the federal stimulus and healthcare reform, and positioned his voting record as a fiscal conservative, despite support for government bailout.

Bruun attacked government spending saying it is simply out of control.

Schrader said that the most important pieces of legislation he supported during his first term was a "pay as you go" to get the deficit under control, another calling for Congress to spend less in 2011 than 2010, and legislation ending discrimination against seniors with healthcare.

Bruun questioned his support to the trillion dollar stimulus bill, which he says "didn’t work." And the healthcare bill, which is another “trillion dollar disaster waiting to happen."

Schrader serves on the U.S. House Committee on Agriculture, House Committee on Budget and House Committee on Small Business.

Schrader, who owned Clackamas County Veterinary Clinic in Oregon City prior to running for politics, was elected to the Oregon House of Representatives and served the 23rd District from 1997 to 2003. He served in the Oregon Senate from 2003 to 2008.

Schrader's election platform was focused on job creation and growth, especially for small businesses. He also wants to protect Social Security and is opposed to privatization.

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