DVMs top list in earnings, census reports


Veterinarians, others holding professional degrees earn average $4.4 million during a lifetime

Washington-Those with advanced degrees earn more over an entire lifetime, according to a U.S. Census Bureau study that reveals a stronger relationship between formal education and earnings than in years past.

Veterinarians join a list of doctors, dentists and lawyers as those whoearn the most - an estimated $4.4 million. Those with master's degreescan expect to earn $2.5 million during their lifetime and doctoral graduatescome in at $3.4 million.

People with university degrees make an average $2.1 million over a lifetimecompared with $1.2 million for high school graduates.

It shows "education makes an enormous difference in work and earnings,"says statistician Eric Newburger, co-author of the study.

The Census Bureau based the study on an average of data from 1997-1999,taken through its annual supplemental study, which surveys a sampling of50,000 households across the country.

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