dvm360.com's top 17 of 2017

January 2, 2018

You may want to say adios to 2017, but join us for a quick walk back the articles that captured the attention of industry professionals across the country.

We were super intrigued to find out what were our most popular articles across the website in the last year. We knew certain articles were guaranteed to strike a chord, but there were a few surprises! So while many people might be excited to say adios to 2017, join us for a quick walk back through the topics that captured the attention of industry professionals across the country. 



An open letter from a disillusioned veterinary school graduate

While the financial problems plaguing veterinary education may hog the spotlight, this young veterinarian says it's time to talk about the other issues-those that occur behind closed doors and within closed minds-that are making students sour.



AVMA criticizes TV veterinarian for lousy surgical hygiene

Footage of Animal Planet's Jeff Young, DVM, performing surgery with bare arms, no gown and no mask is "getting in the way of his message" of the importance of high-quality, high-volume veterinary care, say AVMA president and CEO.



The myth of compassion fatigue in veterinary medicine

Knowing why you're struggling is important, so it's not helpful to label every negative experience in the veterinary profession as compassion fatigue. When Dr. Dani McVety took an honest look at how she was feeling, she wasn't running out of compassion. Her fatigue stemmed from making ethical decisions within the boundaries of clients' (often) illogical values or unreasonable budgets.




Gallery: Floor plans for veterinary hospitals

Did you know we have pages and pages of veterinary hospital design floor plan ideas? Let these galleries serve as an inspiration for your next building project, remodel or just pie-in-the-sky dreaming. 



The faces of chronic pain in the veterinary clinic

With so many options now at your disposal to take the pain away or prevent it in the first place in veterinary patients, paying more attention to where you or your clients might be missing it is a vital exercise. We worked with Robin Downing, DVM, MS, DAAPM, DACVSMR, CVPP, CCRP, on a photo gallery of pets in chronic pain to give you a visual guide to brush up your recognition.



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Confessions: Pet pain, death and dying

Death, dying and pain in our pets-it can be emotional turmoil for all involved, especially veterinary care providers. You battle inner conflict (you wish something about the case was different, or you wish the client could understand what you know, or a million other things) despite your responsibility to remain a calm, steadfast presence in the waves of emotion surrounding the pet's passing. 

The dvm360.com editors noticed that not only did so many of the Vet Confessions have to do with pets' pain and death, they also brought out emotional responses in us. Reading these, we teared up, sighed with frustration and yes, we'll admit-even chuckled at some of the more unusual or exasperating circumstances you deal with all the time. This selection of 30 confessions is meant as a reflection on your special role at the end of a pet's life. 



10 dental products you can recommend with a smile

Veterinary dentist Dr. Jan Bellows compiled this list of food, treats and more that are proven effective in maintaining the health of pets' teeth.



dvm360 exclusive interview: Behind the Mars-VCA merger

In an announcement that took the veterinary industry by surprise and generated no shortage of speculation and opinion, Mars Petcare, owner of the Banfield, BluePearl and Pet Partners veterinary practice groups, says it will acquire VCA's nearly 800 hospitals in a deal that's expected to be finalized in the third quarter of this year. The acquisition also includes Antech Diagnostics, Sound Technologies and Camp Bow Wow, all part of the VCA company. Bob Antin, CEO of VCA, and Poul Weihrauch, president of Mars Petcare, talked with dvm360 in an exclusive interview about what this move means for the two companies and for the profession at large-and whether corporate practice is the downfall or the salvation of veterinary medicine.



Where have all the techs gone? 

Many practices are finding it difficult to hire-and keep-credentialed veterinary technicians. Learn why are there so few of these elusive creatures and what can we do to help them flourish.



Social media marketing made easy 

Did you know? The dvm360 team writes Facebook posts and tweets for your team to use to raise awareness of key health care issues with your clients and to help you encourage clients to visit and get the care their pets need. We have tons of different topics-socialization in dogs, feline constipation, senior cat care, pet weight loss and cognitive dysfunction, to name a few-and we always welcome your input if you don't see what you're looking for. Thousands of your peers checked out this resource … what are you waiting for?



Vet confessionals: Corporate, owning and the almighty dollar

We created this gallery as part of dvm360's "Go your own way" Leadership Challenge on corporate consolidation and what it means for medicine, money and mental wellness. 



How do you improve surgery day flow?

A reader piped up with a question for the VHMA/dvm360 Practice Manager of the Year … I'm looking for guidance on improving surgery day flow for my team. We're a one-doctor practice that's growing rapidly. Read on for tips and tricks courtesy of Judi Bailey, CVPM. 



9 neon signs your veterinary practice is in trouble

Your once steady stream of clients has suddenly become a trickle. You know your veterinary practice is in tiptop shape-so why do you feel like the problem is just under your nose? Don't panic! You're not alone. There are several flashing signs that could be going unnoticed by you and the rest of the veterinary team. 



Why technicians leave and what you can do about it

Let's face it, techs will never earn what they're actually worth to a practice, but they have to make a living wage. Veterinary technicians go through extensive training and education, and most have made the commitment to achieve a two-year degree and are paying off student debt. While it may not be in your budget to pay your techs handsomely, here are some ideas to close the gap.



Joint supplements: The helpful vs. the hype

There's a lot of crazy info out there when it comes to canine joint health and mobility. (Elk antler, anyone?) Arm yourself with the evidence and position your veterinary practice as the trusted source of reliable data.



5 vile veterinary derm conditions that get under my skin

Though working in veterinary dermatology is a daily assault on the senses, Dr. Melissa Hall finds the grossest of diseases to be the most rewarding to treat, as they greatly improve the quality of life for the patient and the client while restoring and strengthening the human-animal bond (since most of us like to be near our pets without gagging). Here are five of the most cringe worthy dermatologic conditions she's encountered.