dvm360 product report: Generic analgesia, feline urinary diet, hair-repelling scrubs and more


Heres our regular roundup of new and noteworthy veterinary products.

Modern Veterinary Therapeutics

Generic medetomidine

Medetomidine Hydrochloride is an FDA-approved generic medetomidine hydrochloride injection (1 mg/ml) for sedation and analgesia in dogs. This product follows the launch earlier this year of Revertidine, an FDA-approved generic atipamezole hydrochloride injection (5 mg/ml), Modern Veterinary Therapeutics' reversal agent for medetomidine and dexmedetomidine.

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Diamond Pet Foods

Urinary diet for cats

Diamond Care Urinary Support Formula for Adult Cats is a therapeutic nutrition formula for cats suffering from feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD). The diet supports a healthy urinary tract by reducing urine pH. It also contains guaranteed levels of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in an optimal ratio to maintain healthy skin and coat. The formula is designed for daily long-term use.

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Advocate by Pharma Supply

U-40 insulin syringes

PetTest U-40 syringes feature 31-ga, extra-fine needles. The syringes, available in both 1/3-cc and 1/2-cc capacities, are a perfect match for U-40 insulin (commonly used for canine and feline diabetes) and do not require any conversions or calculations as a result. The new syringes also feature 1/2-cc unit markings, ensuring accurate doses, no matter how small. These 31-ga, 5/16-inch-length syringes for U-40 insulin offer veterinarians an option to the thicker and less-comfortable 29-ga needle commonly used for insulin injections.

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Barco Uniforms

Animal-hair-resistant scrubs

Barco Uniforms' Barco One and Barco One Wellness scrub sets have antistatic properties that allow animal hair to release quickly from the surface of the fabric. In addition, both lines feature moisture-wicking fabric with four-way stretch designed to release soil and a temperature-regulating component that allow the wearer to stay fresh-smelling, ultra-cool and composed throughout the busiest days with the rowdiest of animal patient visitors.

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Info-tracking app for canine littermates

TailTrax, a free mobile app available for Apple and Android devices, lets veterinarians share information with their colleagues on specific litters of dogs. Features include being able to share real-time health alerts regarding a litter, search health alerts, access a research database and securely message peers caring for other dogs from the same litter. Pet parents can help by downloading and registering their pet. TailTrax Litter Link Technology also lets pets rescuers and breeders help pet owners search for littermates.

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