dvm360 product report: Extended-release incontinence drug, communication tool, feline genetic report and more


Heres our regular roundup of new and noteworthy veterinary products.

PRN Pharmacal

Extended-release incontinence drug

PRN Pharmacal has announced its latest product in the urinary health market, once-a-day Proin ER (phenylpropanolamine hydrochloride extended-release tablets), available this month. FDA-approved as a treatment for urethral sphincter mechanism incontinence, Proin ER features a unique, patented extended-release technology. It is available in three sizes in 30-count bottles-18 mg, 38 mg and 74 mg, with 145 mg expected to be available in early 2020. The product's new encapsulation technique is intended to provide once-a-day dosing and taste masking to animals while maintaining palatability. A highlight of this delivery system is a retaining of modified-release properties even if the tablet is inadvertently chewed.

For more information visit prnpharmacal.com.


Fur Baby Tracker

Client communication platform

Fur Baby Tracker will be launching a new veterinary clinic–pet owner communication platform in early 2020. The system is a real-time communication platform that provides updates to veterinary clients after they drop their pets off at the clinic for treatment or surgery. A recent study conducted by the American Pet Products Association revealed that if a pet is hospitalized for more than 24 hours, most pet owners want an update every two to six hours, which is about six updates per day. Fur Baby Tracker generates on average six to 15 updates per 24-hour period, delivered directly to the pet owner via text message and app update. The platform has been engineered to integrate with systems that are already standard in veterinary clinics. It's designed to provide pet owners with a high-value experience and veterinary clinics with a new profit center.

For more information visit furbabytracker.com.



Feline genetic report

Basepaws, a company that offers at-home feline DNA testing, has announced the launch of its new Basepaws Health Report. The report includes 39 genetic mutations that correspond to 17 genetic health conditions. This information lets cat owners know if their pets are positive for genetic variants associated with genetic diseases included in the Basepaws database, helping to save lives through prevention and education. The reported diseases include polycystic kidney disorder, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and retinal degeneration. Basepaws also offers information on cats' origins and breed makeup.

For more information, visit basepaws.com.



Canine stem cell banking

Gallant, an animal biotech company, has launched a stem cell banking solution for dogs. With its patent-pending process, Gallant obtains a dog's stem cells from tissues collected during a routine spay or neuter procedure. The cells, which would otherwise be thrown away, are cryopreserved to create treatments for future ailments. Because the stem cells are collected during spays and neuters, they are preserved when they are young and healthy, in contrast to typical procedures involving surgeries to take stem cells from older animals. Therapies will be sent to the veterinarian on demand, at a cost of approximately $300 plus procedure fee. Stem cell therapies have been demonstrated in clinical studies to help dogs with osteoarthritis, atopic dermatitis, torn ligaments and chronic dry eye. New puppy parents and veterinarians in the U.S. can order kits and storage plans from Gallant.

For more information, visit gallant.com.


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