dvm360 Leadership Challenge: Hack your (veterinary) life


You've probably heard the term "lifehack." Here's why it's relevant to your life as a veterinary professional.

Nope, we're not talking about a gruesome cough, or trimming trees, or even Mr. Robot-style feats of computing genius.

When we say "hacks," we mean we're about to change your life as a veterinary professional. We want you to think, treat and communicate differently-and more efficiently-than you've ever done before.

Here's how.

Hacking the DVM brain: The psychology of change in the veterinary profession

> Is there a shortcut to personal change and transformation? These experts say veterinarians need to cut themselves some slack-and cut out their bad habits.


dvm360 vet life hacks

> "I've got all day!"-said no veterinary professional, ever. So we bring you this collection of time-saving techniques, tips, tools and other treats for better client communication, better patient care, and a better bottom line. (Bonus: we divvied them up into 5 categories: Parasitology, vaccinations, diabetes, pain management and congestive heart failure.)

Practice management hacks: The Veterinary Hospital Managers Association shares their survey results for better management.

> Best advice for a better client experience

> Best advice for standards of care

> Best advice to be a successful boss

#vetlifehacks: The platinum edition

> Our expert CVC speakers and attendees tell us their brilliant-as-all-get-out, can't-live-without-it, super-sweet life hacks that make veterinary practice just that much easier.


Hack attack!

> Veterinary team members, cut the excuses. Here's help to slice through your most dreaded challenges and use ninja-life moves to make mincemeat of obstacles blocking your way.


3 steps to hack your retail area

> You can feel divine about veterinary merchandising by offering the right stuff to enhance your patients' lives.



And finally ...

The Worst. Idea. Ever.

> We asked you for hacks gone wrong-WAY wrong. Check out this funny compilation of lifehack failures in veterinary practice.




22 stress-hacks that will save your life

> We have data that shows what stresses you out, responses from your industry peers, and 22 stress-hacks that could actually change your life. Boom.



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