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dvm360 Leadership Challenge: The future of veterinary medicine


Furry fun and future forecasts fly in our latest wide-reaching look at major issues in veterinary medicine. (With an educational grant provided by Boehringer Ingelheim)

This is your place to go sci-fi with your profession. We explore the world of the near and distant future of veterinary medicine with medical and business experts, technology gurus and psychologists. And we do it all right now below ...

Looking back to look forward

> A look back at forward thinkers: What changes do you hope will occur in veterinary medicine in the next 100 years? What is your sci-fi prediction for the field? Let's look back at how top veterinarians answered these questions 10 years ago and then get to work on making these hopes and predictions a reality!


> 10 veterinary stories that blew us away in 2016: Some extraordinary, some disquieting-at least in terms of implications for the future of veterinary medicine. Take a retrospective tour with us.



Dreaming big

> The future of veterinary medicine is here. Are you ready? You're not crazy. Change and innovation are happening faster everywhere, including veterinary practice. Here's your gut check so you're not left out of the glorious future of pet care.


> A peek at vet med of tomorrow: In which we explore strange new zoonoses, seek out better diagnostics and new treatments, and engineer cats for world peace. (Really.)


> A utopian future for veterinary medicine: How tech will get us there. An honest assessment of veterinarians' hang-ups with technology and a path to move forward.



> “If I could change one thing about veterinary medicine in the future…” What invention would make your life easier in practice? An informal poll.



> Is the idea of ‘pet guardians' out of this world? Experts weigh in on whether a future where people care for furry wards would be better than one where pets are owned.



Naming the future: Veterinary technician vs. veterinary nurse

> Man on the street: What IS a tech? Ken Yagi, BS, RVT, VTS (ECC, SAIM), hits the pavement at CVC in Kansas City to find out what pet owners really think when they hear the words "veterinary technician" and "veterinary nurse."


> Tech vs. nurse: The national credential initiative cheat sheet. Don't be embarrassed if you don't understand (or haven't kept up with) NAVTA's national credential initiative. Here's a quick breakdown of what it is-and what it means for veterinary



Caring more in the future

> Borrowing advancements from human medicine: A push for telemedicine and tele-nursing in the veterinary world.



> The philosophy of pain: Why borrowing four principles of human clinical bioethics will enhance the lives of our veterinary patients.



> Dentistry holds fangtastic potential: Veterinary practices are turning to dentistry as a way to replace lost spay and neuter revenue and encourage regular visits. Here's how to get started.



> Back to the (veterinary manager's) future: The VHMA predicts three ways the top trends in veterinary medicine will influence the evoloving role of practice manager.



Laughing about the future

> In the year 2020: 8 "predogtions" for the not-so-distant future. Dr. Marty Becker has some predictions-err, we mean “predogtions”-for the veterinary world a few years down the road.


> Let's get ahead of ourselves: What will veterinary medicine look like in 5, 15 and 30 years? We adapted a CVC session by Ernie Ward, DVM, to create a timeline of things to come.


> 9 apps we wish we had. As phone apps have gone from interesting to essential in our daily lives, we take a moment to imagine the best veterinary apps of the future-and how they might help tackle your toughest challenges in practice.


> Internet: Can goats be the new dogs, please?? New research out of the UK highlights goats' cognitive abilities and the internet collectively freaks out at the thought of goats becoming man's brand new bestie.

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