Drs. Andy Roark and Dave Nicol hate your website


The funnymen of veterinary medicine take issue with your boring, cheesy, uninformative website.

Drs. Andy Roark and Dave Nicol chat about the most boring, cheesy, cringe-worthy veterinary practice websites out there-and list out their personal pet peeves (well, if you're Scottish, those would be "pet-hates") when it comes to website design and functionality. Real talk: They're not gonna tell you to become a first-rate web developer ... but they are gonna explain how to make it look like your website was designed by a first-grader. 

  • So you've got the basics: Don't be boring, don't be self-absorbed and don't play stupid music, but keep your cheesy animated gifs (just be in on the joke!). But-perhaps more importantly-how often do you update the site you've built? Use our handy flow chart to determine where you're at and what could use some development (heh, get it? Website humor? Anyone? No? OK.)

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