Don't overload veterinary clients


When you notice your veterinary clients' eyes start to glaze that's when it's time to change your strategy.

"When team members vomit up information that's not specific to the client's needs, it sometimes makes clients feel like team members haven't been listening," says Bash Halow, CVPM, LVT, owner of Halow Consulting in New York City and Wyalusing, Pa. For example, when Halow mystery shops, he sometimes tells the receptionist his dog has fleas.

"I can see them struggling to do what they think they're supposed to do," Halow says. "And immediately they launch into the flea life cycle—cocoons and eggs and larvae—and they can't figure out what do with that information. We've taught them the science behind this, but we haven't taught them how to market our services."

He says many hospitals try to train their receptionists and technicians to be mini-veterinarians. "They become this information booth of knowledge about diarrhea or vomiting, rather than learning there's a marketing approach to these phone calls," he says. "Phone shoppers are prospective clients who need to see our service as a solution to their needs."

To do this, Halow suggests this four-step process:

1. Demonstrate empathy for the reason they're calling. "Mrs. Jones, I'm so sorry Fluffy has fleas. That's a difficult situation, and I know you must be frustrated."

2. Show you comprehend their problem and their needs. "I'm hearing you say you want to get rid of Fluffy's fleas so she feels more comfortable as quickly as possible. Correct?"

3. Discuss the services and products you offer that will provide a solution. "If you see fleas on your pet, it's a sign that other animals, the house, and the environment outside are likely infested. We offer a comprehensive approach that ensures first-time success, along with all the products you need to safely treat your home, other pets, and (pet's name)."

4. Prompt the appointment. "I'd be happy to schedule an appointment for you with Dr. Cares at 4:30 p.m. and resolve this problem for you today. Does this work for you?"

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