Don't Break My Heart: What's New, Different, and Important in Heartworm and Chagas Disease?

October 14, 2019

Date: December 04 - December 05, 2020


Attend to hear the latest breakthroughs in HW resistance, testing, Wolbachia, non-arsenical adulticidal therapy, & alternative heartworm preventives. Review the important basics of life cycle, pathogenesis, and clinical management of heartworm. Next, understand all aspects of Chagas disease, from prevalence to pathogenesis, diagnosis, novel treatments and environmental control. Bonus: Experience the Riverwalk during the holidays & marathon weekend! This newly renovated riverfront venue will sell out! Register early! Ten hours CE, plus meals, refreshments, and exhibits included.

Event type: Continuing Education - Live, Interactive Lecture Series

Event Address: Embassy Suites by Hilton Riverwalk San Antonio Downtown125 E Houston St., San Antonio, TX, USA

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For More Information:Jenni Rizzo,Lone Star Veterinary Academy

10650 Culebra Rd ,#104-506 ,San Antonio ,TX ,78251 ,United States