Don't be ashamed of your dermatology dilemmause these tips


We snapped up these funny highlights from Dr. Paul Bloom's presentation on common dermatology dilemmasyou know you've got 'em!

Look at me. Don't look at me! Look at me. Paul Bloom, DVM, DACVD, DABVP, is pretty darn familiar with the wandering-in-the-dark feeling that dermatology cases can sometimes elicit in even the most updated, brilliant clinician. But that's why he's here to show you the light-or, well, get your clients to come back to their rechecks, at least. Here are some highlights from his innovative session at CVC, titled none other than "Dermatology dilemmas: What would you do?"

Q&A: When you do a cytology, do you quantify yeast or bacteria?

Either you've got bacteria overgrowth or you don't! Here Dr. Bloom discusses his tips for doing cytologies on Malassezia and other species.

SO much bathing: How to keep an allergic dog moisturized

Allergic dogs benefit from lots of baths, as you know. But this dries out an already compromised skin barrier. What to do? Dr. Bloom knows.

Got folliculitis? Don't reach for a steroid

We know, we know. Your client wants immediate relief (a.k.a. a corticosteroid) for the itchiness of folliculitis. But the better course is cytology and then appropriate antibacterial or antifungal therapy.

Heads up! CVC's innovative sessions are designed to encourage shared ideas and spark fresh treatment strategies. They feature electronic polling and problem solving in a group setting. The best part? You get maximum interaction with our brilliant speakers and some seriously sweet tips on patient management. Join us for the fun!

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