Dog beds designed for comfort can now regulate temperature with added feature


KulKote and Big Barker have partnered so technology can be added to clinically proven dog beds for utmost comfort

Big Barker, makers of a dog bed clinically proven1 to improve quality of life in big dogs, have teamed up with KulKote, creators of a coating that can be applied to fabrics and foams to help regulate temperature.

"Joining forces with KulKote to combine their American-made temperature-regulating technology with our scientifically engineered orthopedic beds was the next step in offering customers yet another way to improve your dog's overall well-being," said Shannon Wells, marketing director of Big Barker, a majority-owned brand of Tenth Avenue Holdings, in a company release.2

According to the release,2 KulKote is a breathable, nontoxic, and environmentally friendly temperature-regulating technology with a proprietary coating of water-based polymers and Phase Change Materials (PCMs). The technology can be added to Big Barker bed products, including the Orthopedic Headrest Edition Bed, Sleek Edition Bed, Sofa Edition Bed, Orthopedic Crate Pads, and Orthopedic Backseat Barker Beds.

"KulKote is excited to partner with Big Barker," expressed Darren Gilmore, CEO of KulKote, in the release. "Our dogs give us endless joy and stress relief, and we want to make sure that they're at their best and happiest too. With Big Barker and KulKote, your pup will sleep just right, not too hot or too cold, and have the quality snooze he needs to boost his overall well-being."2

A recipient of the Fear Free Preferred Product Program designation, Big Barker designed its handcrafted, American-made beds to help relieve joint pain and provide dogs of any size a comfortable place to rest.


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