Do pet owners belong in the veterinary clinic treatment area?

June 15, 2019
Dan Chapel, AIA, NCARB

Dan Chapel is president of Chapel Associates in Little Rock, Ark., a nationally recognized firm specializing in animal facility design. His firm has participated in the design of more than 500 veterinary hospitals, boarding kennels, and animal shelters. Past projects include two Veterinary Economics Hospitals of the Year and several Merit Award winners. Chapel is a nationally recognized expert in the field of veterinary architecture, and has served as a featured speaker on topics of animal facility design at all major veterinary conferences. He has spoken at every Veterinary Economics Hospital Design Conference since 1981 and has served on the Veterinary Economics Editorial Advisory Board since 1985. For a list of articles and video by Chapel, click here.

We wondered, are there some significant pros and cons in showing pet owners more of what you do in your veterinary hospitals treatment and surgery space?

“[Transparency] is a two-edged sword,” says HospitalDesign360 speaker and veterinary architect Dan Chapel, AIA, with Chapel Associates Architects in Little Rock, Arkansas. “It can really rear its ugly head to bite you, or be a positive thing.”

It's already blossoming in pediatrics and gerontology in human medicine, he says, with family members following patients through the process of treatment. It happens in other countries in veterinary medicine. 

Think about some pros and cons in the video below.