Do fleas fall from your veterinary hospitals ceiling? Maybe they should


Take a page out of this veterinary clinics book and let your lobby do the talking when it comes to flea control.

Are you tired of the same ol', same ol' with veterinary clients about why they should really use flea preventives on their pets? It gets tedious, especially if they aren't receptive to your message. So, try doing what staff at PetWorks Veterinary Hospital in Overland Park, Kansas, does and make it visual.

Their plan: Take an illustration of a flea, print out a lot of copies (40 to be exact, more on that later), cut them out and laminate them, and then hang the completed fleas from the ceiling in the reception area.

Why 40? Not only is it more visually striking than a few fleas stuck to a bulletin board, a single female flea can lay between 40 to 50 fleas per day. Giving clients a concrete example of the production capabilities of a single flea, let alone however many fleas really are on their pet, is a good motivator to get the conversation started. Because everyone knows fleas can get out of hand fast.

PetWorks receptionist Cindy Harris says the promotion has been so successful that the hospital needed to restock flea preventive way earlier than anticipated.

What are you waiting for? Preventives flying off the shelves sounds awesome. Need a flea image? Click here to download a printable flea template.

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