'The day does not run without my veterinary technicians'


This imaging specialist says techs are key to his practice productivity.

Eli Cohen, DVM, DACVR, joins a chorus of veterinarians when he says this about technicians:

"At many places it probably could be said that what they can do is underused."

The Fetch dvm360 conference speaker believes that specialized technicians, for example, bring extreme value to the clinic in terms of real time observation and clinical judgement.

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"They're monitoring the patients on the table, frequently letting me know if they have concerns about that patient, if we need to stop the exam and do something else," he says.

Now, in light of the recently approved technician specialty in diagnostic imaging, Dr. Cohen believes techs can play an important role in improving medicine and efficiency in general practice. Picture what a tech with that advanced training might bring to the clinic.

"Because they have seen variations and know what else might be useful as an additional view, (they) make it much less veterinarian-centric to really get the study optimized before we even get to the diagnostic stage," he says.

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