Cytologic Evaluation: Enhancing Patient Care One Glass Slide at a Time

September 26, 2016

Date: December 10 - December 10, 2016


University of Wisconsin; School of Veterinary Medicine; Continuing Veterinary Medical Education.This 4 hour, intermediate level cytology course will begin with an image-focused presentation on the principles of cytologic evaluation and interpretation. A second presentation will provide useful hints for collecting, preparing, and submitting diagnostic specimens. In the laboratory, you and a partner will examine slides from our clinical archives at a dual-headed microscope and make interpretations that direct your next plan of action. The goal of this program is to provide you with broader cytologic tools to help you make clinically relevant decisions, not necessarily a definitive diagnosis. Classic and challenging samples from inflammatory and neoplastic lesions in dogs and cats will be included. Attendees should be proficient in using a microscope (dry and oil lenses).

Event type: Hands-On Instructional Seminar

Event Address: University of Wisconsin, School of Veterinary Medicine2015 Linden Drive, Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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Sponsor: University of Wisconsin, School of Veterinary Medicine

For More Information:Karl Olson,UW SVM CE Program

2015 Linden Drive ,Madison ,Wisconsin ,53706 ,USA